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KC Chocolatier

KC Chocolatier Hertiage


KC Chocolatier is a luxury Belgian chocolate brand based in Brussels. We fly in over 50 types of chocolate, fresh from Belgium to Los Angeles. The recipes are from a third-generation master chocolatier whose family recipes have been handed down over the years. We specialize in traditional, European-style truffles, each with its own distinctively recognizable shape and delicious filling.

Discover smooth caramels, decadent ganache, buttercreams, marzipan, classic hazelnut praline, and our line of 77% extra-dark chocolates. KC Chocolatier is a rare source for Belgian fresh creams, which have light, airy whipped cream centers reminiscent of a chocolate mousse.  And don’t forget liquor-filled dark chocolates, fruit jellies, dipped candied Seville orange peel, and foil-covered dark chocolate cherries!

KC Chocolatier products have been made in one of the newest confectionery plants in Belgium since 2008.  Our core mission is to tantalize your taste buds while producing according to “green” principles of sustainability.  We meet this commitment in several ways.  Our state-of-the-art factory was designed to operate using entirely renewable energy, with about 20% of energy coming from roof-top solar panels.  Water run-off filters through bamboo and then flows out to nearby farms for crops and animals.

Most importantly, all of our cocoa beans are ethically sourced from farmers who we pay above-market rates to, for their crops.  A large percentage of the raw cocoa we use is from Tanzania, where we visit each farmer yearly to teach methods to improve yields such as pruning. The farmers’ income goes up using the same amount of land. 

Our charity is “Cocoa for Schools”:  KC Chocolatier donates financial and personnel resources to the villages of the cocoa producing regions where we buy beans.  This partnership has directly resulted in KC Chocolatier sponsoring construction of several schools, plus books and teachers’ supplies in Tanzania.  “Cocoa for Schools” has also built dormitories so girls may live at school and not have to make the dangerous walk from distant farms on a daily basis. 

Each time you enjoy a chocolate, your purchase helps “Cocoa for Schools” provide medical facilities, cell phones, and drinking water to farmers and their families!