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Belgian Chocolate Tasting

Belgian Chocolate Tasting

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Belgian Chocolate Tasting at KC Chocolatier in Santa Monica 

This Belgian chocolate tasting experience lasts between 30 mins - 1 hour, depending on the number of people, and includes the following:
 A four piece chocolate tasting
 Premium hot chocolate
 Dipped Strawberry
 Mini Belgian Sundae

Top off the experience by packing your own 8pc box to take home from
over 60 varieties of traditional Belgian chocolates- butter creams, caramels,
fruits, ganaches, pralines, and truffles.
For the connoisseur and the gourmand, taste some chocolates and take
some chocolates—to eat and to give.

Tasting Schedule: 1-5pm Tuesday-Friday
Gift Certificate Expiration: 1 year from event date
Discounts: 10% Discounts on additional purchase

Chocolate Tasting is $35 per person